Dental Cleaning and Oral Surgery

Whether your pet needs a routine scaling and polish (called prophylaxis by those who like fancy words) for oral wellness or has some notable issues (garbage mouth) a veterinarian has identified, we can certainly help. Using state-of-the-art dental radiography and years of expertise, our doctors are able to further explore your pet’s dental disease and tooth abnormalities and remedy the problem all in an outpatient surgery appointment. Even in a routine cleaning we do radiographs to help identify possible future concerns and provide an early assessment of any disease processes. We use full anesthetic protocols to make sure we are able to assess the entirety of your pet’s mouth including under the gums and all the way to the back.


Routine and Specialized Surgeries

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of surgical procedures from elective surgeries such as neuters, spays and declaws to more specialized procedures such as cherry eye removals, entropion repair, exploratory surgery, mass removals, etc. The doctors stay up to date on techniques and practices so as to make sure your pet is receiving the best care possible because hard whisky and a hacksaw are apparently outdated.


Vaccinations and Routine Testing

Our vaccine protocols stay current with the leading academic information in veterinary medicine. We can keep your pet current on all required core and non-core vaccines for their lifestyle. If your pet needs drug monitoring such as thyroid checks, glucose checks, NSAID liver and kidney screens we have a full-service in-clinic laboratory to do just that. UTI’s? No problem. Heartworm checks? Covered. Stool tests and parasite checks? Gotcha there, too.


Radiography and Ultrasounds

Our clinic’s radiography department is equipped to capture full radiographic imagery of your pet’s innards. From a yucky gut to hips that just don’t seem to work right, we can peep inside and make an assessment of what may be happening and help us better understand how to help. Along with x-ray (another fancy way of saying radiograph), we use ultrasound to evaluate internal composition of the patient; or, a more swishy look at your pet’s innards.